Be Different

We help organisations become better at achieving their purpose. We do this by changing the nature of conversations, interrupting patterns of behavior and improving collaboration.


Sourcing experts for your digital future

SECURELYNKX NETWORKS is driving companies in digitization - through cloud services, managed services or hybrid IT.

As sourcing experts, we realize strategies, tenders, transitions as well as provider cloud managed services/ software. The implementation of benchmarks as well as the planning and implementation of IT cost optimization complete our service portfolio.

Our agile teams of computer scientists, lawyers and business economists design and integrate IT and business services - with heart and mind since 2016.

Securelynkx Philosophy

Our performance is our success. Professionalism, reliability and credibility characterize our work and our appearance.

The entrepreneurial thinking and acting of each employee determine his work - for our customer, for Securelynkx and for himself.

Each of us uses his skills and abilities fully. Knowledge and experience form the basis of our business and are constantly expanded and linked.

our portfolio

SLX Connect Event Registration
SLX Connect HSIA Billing Solution
SLX Connect Secure Mobile Device Management
UDH 200E Human Disenfeciton System
UDH 300G Human Disenfection System
UDV 504CW Vehicle Disinfection System