Vehicle Disinfection System

The SLX Connect Vehicle Disinfection System is the perfect solution for facilities and border gates where the vehicle must be disinfected. It is highly efficient, easy-to-use and fully automatic and it guarantees the penetration of all open surfaces of the vehicle.

Provides hygiene of the vehicle before entering the area where it should be hygienic. The disinfectant, which is applied automatically by pulverization method while passing through the machine, ensures that all the surfaces of the vehicle are completely cleaned.

The application is done by dosing the disinfectant in water (4/1000 ratio). The disinfectant cost is minimized by a mixture of four per thousand ratios. Vehicle wheels are cleaned by washing with water.

  • Disinfectant application unit by pulverization (fogging) method
  • Automatic disinfectant dosage (PLC/with sensor)
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles
  • Wheel and chassis wash system
  • S235 JR steel body and chassis
  • Suitable for use on soft floors and easy portable system
  • Warning lighted controlled pass
  • Protection and vehicle alignment barriers
  • Electrical installation according to IP65 protection class