? SLX - UDH 300

UDH 300

UDH 300

Human Disinfection System

SLX Connect human disinfection system is the perfect solution for production lines with limited space. It is highly efficient, easy to use, cost-effective and guaranteeing optimum personnel hygiene.

www.holatime.me Guarantees the sole, clothes and hand hygiene of personnel before entering the production area. The disinfectant, which is applied automatically by pulverization method while passing through the machine, ensures that the clothes on the personnel are completely cleaned. The application is done by dosing the disinfectant in water (4/1000 ratio). The disinfectant cost is minimized by a mixture of four per thousand ratios. After placing both hands on the machine, the automatic dosing disinfectant ensures complete cleaning of the hands. The turnstile can be opened after the sanitation process is completed. The special pressure-sensitive mat on the floor disinfects the soles and saves money by preventing the disinfectant from flying away during non-use times.

  • Disinfectant application unit
  • UV light sanitation slot with plastic or stainless hand guard,
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles
  • Tripod turnstile, controlled passing
  • Disinfectant application unit by pulverization (fogging) method
  • Automatic disinfectant dosage (with sensor)
  • Pressure-sensitive special disinfection mat
  • Electrical installation according to IP65 protection class
  • Emergency stop button