Human Disinfection System

SLX HDS human disinfection system is the perfect solution for production lines with limited space. It is highly efficient, easy to use, cost-effective and guaranteeing optimum personnel hygiene.glashutte-replica

It is suitable to be use in areas with high density and close contact such as Airports, Hospitals, Shopping centers, Public institutions, Factories, Bus Station, Train stations, Health centers, Universities, Schools, Restaurants, Cafes, Entertainment centers, Hotels. For the fogging human disinfection system, one enters the tunnel; disinfects their hands and steps on the hygiene mat; and fogging is automatically activated by weight or sensor detection when the weight is sensed on the hygiene mat.

In the fogging disinfection method, the disinfectant liquid coming through the nozzles turns into a cloud of fog and therefore, it reaches the microorganisms in all areas without wetting the person.

  • Maximum hygiene is achieved with the disinfection of all visible surfaces of human body at the entrance of the facilities.
  • Advanced results are obtained in fighiting and preventing epidemic diseases.
  • Economic application is provided by easily creating ergonomically designed lines wih multi-funcional vrious modules.
  • It is developed with advanced technology and provides hygiene in accordance with the required quality standards and analyzes.