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Single Sign-On for JIRA using Fiede

Single Sign-On for JIRA using Fiede

About Fiede

Fiede is a joint electronic identity system for students and educators to access web services for their daily work. Its ability to allow various educative applications to register and set up Single Sign-On to them, with different protocols, makes it much simpler to use for professionals. Also, strong security concern of not disclosing credentials, even though the user is using so many applications, makes it reliable for Fiede registrants.


In Fiede, the user stays logged in during the entire session of using different service applications. Many times JIRA has user accounts of the educational organization, through which user may try to log in. JIRA has multiple features which allow Single Sign-On, but it lags an integration which allows JIRA and Fiede applications to sync with each other.


SLX Connect has created an integration which can help to offer seamless service to JIRA users. SLX Connect JIRA SAML plugin provides the necessary integration which allows Single Sign-On to set up and JIRA and Fiede application accounts can easily sync.